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Naomi — So Long, B**ches! –

Naomi — So Long, B**ches! –

I think most people just don’t understand celebs. These are people who work hard, been through some really crappy stuff, and have people say they can’t make it and even make it harder to do so just because they can… so when she left the garbage garage, she just felt the need to upgrade. No more 07 Escalade… its Rolls Royce time (lease not own)!!!

Allot of the commenters took it as a middle finger to the people who punished her, the place she had to do her community service and the person she through the phone at probably.

2. what a pig! she made such a mockery out of this whole escapade. maybe she should’ve been made to clean up the vomit at the clubs in nyc. i would love to throw a cell phone at her face!!!

Posted at 5:55PM on Mar 23rd 2007 by lynn

That pretty much sums up what most people said on the post. It is possible that it is true, but I think it has more to do with the fact that she knows she has a very comfortable life and her doing anything related to normal work is not something she will do for long. Why? Cause she is above that.

I don’t think she is wrong for thinking she is better than the job she got. The real question is did she learn anything. After Lil Kim went to jail for a year, you don’t see her actin a fool… well, I’m just saying that her coming out in a celebration dress for completing her sentence and being sort of pampered practically the whole time she was coming and going to her ‘job’ doesn’t mean she didn’t get anything out of it.



March 25, 2007 - Posted by | Blog Post Review, Celebrity, Culture

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