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Troop Withdrawal Wins House Passage »

Troop Withdrawal Wins House Passage »

WOW! 600+ COMMENTS MADE BY  162 MEMBERS! Now that’s a real conversation going on right there. It gets crazy at times but for the most part, its intellegent conversation. Real thoughts and ideas on what the hell is going on in Washinton DC.

Personally, I think its the Dems way of distancing themselves from the fact that they voted for the war rather than something to help end the war completely. I mean, lets face it, unless there is a mirical, if the troop leave in the next year or so, Iraq will probably be a complete war zone (way worst than it ever was or currently is). So why all the “lets leave in 6 months” stuff?

Logically speaking… has there ever been a situation where troops left and its gotten better when the country is so full of violence?

Anyway, that’s my opinion. Plenty of others on Netscape.


March 24, 2007 - Posted by | Government, Netscape, Opinion, Politics, Social Bookmarking, War

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