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1M User Party Update!… Plus Digg drama… ooooooh

Its an official celebration! And of course there is controversy on Digg because of it. 2 submissions. Neither are from Kevin Rose or from that other guy who name escapes me right now… both made it to the from page but one was first and this one is second BUT the second one actually links to the official blog ( while the first one links to

Granted the original link goes to a site that is about sharing events and so forth, but some will say post to the original article than a article ABOUT the original article. The 3rd comment on the second post by utcursch, basically calls the post linking to the original site spam. Now I am wondering how many comment thumbs down he will get or will he get a bunch of thumbs up. So far he has got 3 thumbs up and no negatives.

As it stands right now… utcursch has THE MOST positive comments (7)! Maybe because the first Digg link on this subject links to a event sharing site..

I don’t think the second digg link is spam, but it could be considered a duplicate.

Lets make this a 2 part-er… I’ll come back to this tomorrow to see what’s up.

Digg link pick quote:

Following up on my last post about reaching the millionth registered user milestone, here are the details for the party that we’re planning as a thank-you for all of your contributions to Digg.

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March 24, 2007 - Posted by | Culture, Digg, Digg Link Picks, Opinion, part One, Social Bookmarking

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