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Hackers Promise Month of MySpace Bugs

One of the biggest (I think it is the biggest) social sites is being threatened by 2 hackers in a apparent move to show MySpace (and its users) that there are some major problems with the site. Personally, I am not sure how this will play out. It is know that MySpace is at its max due to the amount of people on the site. They have been working on MySpace 2 for the longest but I guess it will be years before it does come out due to the amount of users and the posibility that they may loose people.

According to some of the comments left on this digg link, the hackers have a blog journal. Go figure. Most of the comments look forward to this event. One commenter wonders if this is an April Fools joke and the lone person so far to say they like MySpace was only dugg down (their comment) by one digg point.

Nobody mentions any alternative sites to MySpace strangely enough…

Digg pick link quote:

But two hackers going by the names of Mondo Armando and M üstaschio promise to begin disclosing security vulnerabilities in MySpace, News Corp.’s popular social networking site, every day next month.

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March 18, 2007 - Posted by | Culture, Social Bookmarking, Tech

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