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Can’t Rape The Willing? 17y/o Gets Off – His Teacher, Not So lucky

LOL The comments on this one are mostly funny, but there are a few people who wonder just how unconsenting the young boy (man?) was. One commenter posed a question that if a 13 year old can be convicted of murder (and obviously sentenced as an adult), how is he not able to know that this was wrong?

My conclsion is that this was his teacher and could have influenced him to doing it. If she was just some woman he met somewhere things might be different. She should of course be fired but be charged with assalt? LMAO The comments on the blog the digg link goes to is also a good read for some interesting comments.

Digg link pick quote:

A Tacoma judge ignored a plea bargain and sentenced a former female teacher to six months in jail for giving a blow job to a 17-year-old male student in April, 2006.

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