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Yahoo! Answers – What are the most important lesson(s) that your parent(s) have taught you?

Yahoo! Answers – What are the most important lesson(s) that your parent(s) have taught you?

A featured Yahoo Answers question on its front page basically wants to know what is the most influencal thing taught to you by our parents. To be more specific:

I remember the little things that my parents have taught me…for example, my father taught me that the people around you can think what they like about you, as long as you have a good impression of yourself. He also taught me how to play many games like backgammon and how to paddle a kayak/canoe. My mother taught me that in baking the measurements have to be EXACT, or it won’t turn out properly. She also taught me that you have to try if you expect positive results.

I’ve learned a lot from my parents – what have you learned from yours?


To date you still have 2 days to give a response to her question. So far she has 139 posts on the subject. Zaku says, “They taught me that no matter what I do, where I go, or how I act, I always have a place at home and someone that loves me.” Mary O says, “My dad taught me that if you get knocked down get back up, he also said if you get thrown off get back on I rode in rodeo’s.
My mom taught me to cook, and I am a very good cook.”

There are comment rating on the site as well as other ways to rate and track the questions. There is no picked best answer from the author yet (not sure if one will be picked considering the question is so personal).


March 17, 2007 - Posted by | Family, Lifestyle, Relationships, Yahoo Answers

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