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All New My Yahoo

All New My Yahoo

Looks like Yahoo has made an upgrade to its personal pages. I checked it out and its ok. Doesn’t seem to have many themes as of yet (I am big on themes) but the ones they have are pretty nice.

Overall its a nice look. Not great, but nice. Some agree with the change and others do not.

  1. …some Drifter

    it’s not that awe-inspiring.

    it’s simply a customizable homepage – that automatically refines it for you based on geography and past browsing trends

    i guess it can be more of an enlightening experience for the average joe who thinks the system is very smart for knowing various variables about him.

    personally, i’m not a fan of the aggregated homepage.
    brand image and experience gets diluted

  2. Zaid

    For a second I thought that blue was the default color scheme. Almost made me choke:)

    Yahoo not turning into MySpace is best for world’s sanity.


  3. Smaran

    Yahoo! is shunning Indian users.

    “We appreciate your interest in the new My Yahoo! Beta. Unfortunately, this Beta is only open to My Yahoo! users in selected countries.”

    I thought India, Israel and the USA were the countries leading the Web 2.0 boom. Guess we’re not important enough. Meh.

  4. People explains this to me…

    First of all, I find the blue theme ugly and hard to understand UI. I have no idea where to click it. I don’t understand it.

    There is no basic needs.
    There is no tech innovations.
    There is nothing there.
    There is nothing new.
    There’s thousands of annoying ads to click on.
    There is uhnnnnn…. no life….
    It’s all same product schemes.

    Please use common sense and always design something new… Stop reinventing web 2.0 graphics

Those are my comment picks. For more, go to the site itself.


March 9, 2007 - Posted by | Blog Post Review, Tech

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