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Boston Police Forced to Blow Up Suspicious Looking Man



This is the funniest Digg I have seen in a week. And the comments! The text-o-pic above got 1200+ comment thumbs up diggs. Talk about comic timing. that was too funny.

Update: The comment with the text-o-pic was taken down apparently cause I don’t see it anymore. DiggityMcDigg got the most thumbs down (500+) for thinking the story was true… I guess. The digg link now has over 5000 diggs and 374 comments. I don’t have a record of who put up the pict-o-tex

Quote from digg link:

Boston, MA – There were more tense moments today after Boston Police were forced to blow up a suspicious looking man near a lamp post. An alert city worker called in the man after noticing that he had been leaning against the lamp post for more than ten minutes. Police later learned the man, Evan Johnson, was just waiting for his girlfriend.

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March 2, 2007 - Posted by | Digg Link Picks, Social Bookmarking

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