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digg trademark opposed by Lucasfilm

307 comments, 3643 diggs INCLUDING one of my digg buddies vaultspawnvaultspawn picked this one. Imagin half a day ago this link only had 172 commments and just over 1000+ diggs. My how time flies (did I use the proper spelling for ‘flies’?) Original quote text:

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the digg trademark is in opposition by Lucasfilm Entertainment Company. Will digg lose its Mark?

First comment reads:

That game was amazing.. I have been visiting this site all these years because I thought that I was playing the game….

I even wear a spacesuit and everything……

by troyDoogle7

That’s comedy right there. LOL 200 diggs on his comment. The biggest digg comment on this thread was this:

You mean this isn’t the dig??? I’ve been duped! All this time I thought I was bringing back a lost civilization!

by madaxe42

482 positive diggs onhis comment. Was it informtive? Nope. But it apparently hit a key nerve.

What I was looking for somewhere in this comment thread for this digg link is someone saying that such as the ccopywrite law is written, you have to defend it or risk loosing it.

I didn’t see it… maybe I missed it.

… there are some useful links WAY down past about 30 comments… Like for example, why not go after Disney for of which redirects to a disney related web page?

For more comedy:

Actually, now I think about it, LucasArts is perfectly correct.

Don’t you realise just how many people hear the name ‘digg’ and think “OMG that must be related to that obscure computer game from 1995 released by George Lucas. I’d better check it out!”


by djackmanson


meesa tink georgie great bossa. he give me jobba in movie even though mui mui people donna like me. –  by canewediggit

This is one of Digg’s classic selections full of snarkiness (as usual) and information… but mostly snarkiness.

read more | digg story


February 23, 2007 - Posted by | Business, Digg Link Picks, Opinion

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