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Whacky Tactics – Barbara Corcoran Ink

Barbara Corcoran Ink

A very interesting post that pretty much sums up what I knew since I started my junior year in Architecture school that you can find budding neighborhoods by looking at things that most people ignore.

Someone might say that her talking to gay waiters and wanna-be actors as a little racist and miserable… but her point is that she is talking to people who think different (lead users… you know… the guy or gal you go to to find out why you should use this or the person who is first to have that and is actually educated on the subject) to find places that are up and coming before anybody else thinks so.

As I posted on here blog, the stuff she spouts (even in the 2nd video down on the side column) is what I learned while in Architecture school as well as working fora transportation organization. Heck, now that I think about it more, the point was really driven home after reading a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Top Comment on this blog post:

Eddie Wilson
Why don’t we just take our economic advice from Bon Jovi? Its about as sane.

Barbara Corcoran did not make her money by investing. She did not make her money by knowing markets.

She made her money by convincing sellers their apartment sucked in the same week she convinced buyers that same apartment was fantastic.

She is a saleswoman, plain and simple. And she completely missed the bubble bursting, too (check her comments from a year ago). She doesn’t know sh*t about the markets.

Taking investment advice from her is like having Elvis Costello fix your car.

It just doesn’t get funnier than that… Barbara Corcoran responded to it too and so did a few others. Take a look by clicking the link above.


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