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Amazing machine seperates whole lobster from shell while alive! photos!

This might make you feel bad or hurl… 1100 people so far have dug this link and it has over 230+ comments. The first comment gets 163 diggs.Why? Because:

The title of this story seems to indicate that the lobsters survive, but the process obviously kills the lobster.

SweetChuck on 2/12/07

(By the way… anyone suprise that they have a blog on lobsters???????)

Here is the quote from the digg link:

When the lobsters come out of the Avure machine after a minute or two, the result is arresting. Every piece of meat can easily be extracted from the shell, raw and fully intact, including the leg muscles. After shucking, here is what the lobster looks like…

read more | digg story

Well, its look like Digg is open again. Had some trouble with the “Blog It” feature but it seems to work fine now. I wonder if they will allow some HTML in the text again… lets find out.


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