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WOW!! Over 400 Views To This Blog

I’m rather impressed by my little stat of having over 400 unique people coming to the blog. I do not know how good the stat gauge is but I am pleased that in little  more than one month, I managed to excite someone to come to this blog because of the topic I chose to cover.

I think that all this social interacting on-line and “Web 2.0” is what the Internet was intended to be (ans was for a short while in the beginning) and that is a place to share data and information (Yes data is DIFFERENT from information… and knowledge is different from information… and wisdom is the ability to use knowledge wisely but I digress.

What has happened with “Web 2.0” is that its also a place to interact. This interaction is creating what I would call a knowledge base.

Just take a look at the places I have high lighted so far on the internet. The comments are not only educational, but can be down right comical. The interactions and how people interact allows for knowledge to be stored.

In fact, I found out more stuff in the comments than in most blog posts.

With all the stuff I have planned for the blog, I think many more will come and be amazed at what goes on inside social websites. The best part is that it is on a human scale; showing how people interact with people.

Now all I need on this blog is some comments…


February 10, 2007 - Posted by | Beginnings


  1. Hello Fellow Sojourner,
    I am 6 days old in the bloggoshere. I have had 80 hits on my blog, but no one has commented on my posts. I am bewildered and wonder what I need to do different to have people take time to comment. what do I need to do differently?

    Thanks for your time and input!

    Comment by secondchancetolive | February 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. LOL
    To be perfectly honest I have yet to figure out what makes people comment on a blog. You can have the most popular blog going and get like 2 comments. I’ve been blogging before I knoew it was called blogging and see sites get all sorts of taffic and even money but comments are anywhere from 0 to 12.

    The most successful blogs… well it depends on how you meassure successful… I’ll put it this way, the blog who get comments are:

    -Blog is years old.
    -About a specific topic (usually tech but can be anything from wine to babies and photograpghy)
    -Be on a TRUE community blog site – and no this is not a diss to WordPress – that has a high standard of community interaction (you get comments almost everyday from fellow bloggers ESPECIALLY if you comment on their blogs)
    -Be active online on other peoples website blogs.

    Comment by socialorb | February 14, 2007 | Reply

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