Social Orb

What is going on in the world of social interaction

A interesting concept for a social networking site. Take a look at the topics that appear on the front page:

Save Net Neutrality Improve Public Schools Empower Women End Homelessness help children in cambodia Cure Diabetes End global poverty Support indigenous struggles worldwide Universal Health Care Support Public Transportation Stop Drunk Driving cure malaria Peace in the Middle East Reduce Child Obesity Separate Church and State End dependency on oil Stop Animal Testing make love not war cure AIDS Increase Funding for Stem Cell Research Recycle Cure Multiple Sclerosis sustainable lifestyle Advance Gay Rights New Orleans Aid End the Crisis in Darfur Provide Learning Opportunities for Underprivileged Kids Protect Free Speech Help Iraqi Refugees Protect women’s right to choose Fight Bone Cancer Recruit idealistic techies to work for mission-based organizations


(It looks better on the website than on here)


Lets look  at a topic shall we?

Save Net Neutrality
On this page we have everything that has to do with the topic of Net Neutrality. It shows how many people want the change, a couple of featured blogs on the subject, videos on the subject, picture on the subject (there are pictures about this?) and of course plain old comments (there are about 8 in all so far) .

Pretty interesting site. I will be going back to review blogs, comments and videos on hot topics (and maybe some cold ones too).


February 9, 2007 - Posted by | Business, Culture, Education, Family, Opinion, Photography, Politics, Video, War

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