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More Vice City Stories chatter // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer

More Vice City Stories chatter // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer

Will Rockstar put Vice City Stories on the PS2? With Grad Theft Auto IV coming out in October, would putting an effert in taking the game from the PSP to the PS@ be worth while for them?

Logically to me, it makes sence to put the game on the PS2 before they put out GTA4. It would just be wierd if they put out a game that was ment to be before this story line but now its after…

Then again, money talks and time is money. If they don’t have time, then they won’t do it.

Some comments on the story: More Vice City Stories chatter



31-Jan-07 12:28:11

I’ll be officially this surprised if it appears on PS2




31-Jan-07 13:05:24

Oh cut the bull. It’s definitely coming to PS2.




01-Feb-07 09:37:07

I got this for the PSP, but ended up not caring after 10 or so hours because of control issues (and where is that lighter and more ergonomically correct PSP Lite?) I’m waiting for the PS2 version wich will come. Rockstar is not known to hate money. No, they loves it.

So between control issues and “cut the bull and put it on the PS2”,I haveto saythat most commenters agree with me.


February 1, 2007 - Posted by | Entertainment, Gaming Culture, Lifestyle

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