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Radio station fires ten after Wii contest death

Radio station fires ten after Wii contest death – Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Looks like more drama for the radio station that did the contest. One of the commenter said:

They aren’t just fireing 10 people. They are shutting down the radio station. Which I think is stupid. Because some woman killed herself in a contest? It’s like the spilling the McDonald’s coffee case. It’s just someone being an idiot. But don’t get me wrong. I happily would have risked my life to get a Wii if I didn’t have one.Posted at 10:12AM on Jan 17th 2007 by Patrick

Not sure if that is true, but I disagree about it being her fault. Not many people think doing something like that can kill you. You enter a contest that they made (its not like buying a drink and spilling it on yourself) thinking its safe and you die because of it? Nooo… not even close to drinking a hot fluid and dropping it in your lap.

In another comments here – 12:36PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Jackson Pritt – basically sums up what I feel.

Over all, a very interesting comment thread.


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