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Martian Anthropologist

Martian Anthropologist

This blog is definailty a contender for  Featured Blog. With blog posts like Sex and the Sexagenarian, Holy Womb? Sacred Sperm? and Name Your Poison  you have to keep coming back.

Name your poison, by the way, is about whether or not you would want to live in tyranny (like having some overlord ruling over you) or live in chaos (where no one rules anything and mob rule seems to be the order of the day).

As a single (yeah ladies, I’m single… ) guy I would have to say chaos. Living in tryanny is like being in a cage. What’s the point of that? No if I had a family with kids, then I would want my kids to have a chance and chaos doesn’t really work when your trying to provide for your kids.

Well, with stuff like that on the blog, its no wonder that many posts get around 5 comments. PLUS on BlogExplosion (a place where you can promote your blog for free) the site has like 36 comments (which is pretty high for BlogExplosion).

The blog is run by a number of people so getting different views on something is definailty something you expect.


January 19, 2007 - Posted by | Blog Review, Culture, Lifestyle, Opinion, Politics

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