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Engadget’s Mosts Commented in 7 Days

Engadget is a very popular consumer tech site. Its actually gone beyond being a blog (or a very popular blog) in moved itself into being a web e-zine. Millions of readers and plenty of interaction. Forget about learning a thing or 2 from the authors of the blog; that’s a given.

Try reading the comments that go with the blog posts.

Here is what’s popular in comments on Engadget:

While the iPhone takes the cake, I think the biggest story here in the comment world is how the woman died participating in a contest to win a Wii.

With all the hysteria and violence surrounding the PlayStation 3 launch, we were almost positive that it would be the pursuit of Sony’s hard-to-find console which would lead to the tragic death of a hopeful gamer. But even though there were numerous scuffles and injuries in the race to secure a PS3, the first and only casualty in the next-gen wars turned out to be a woman trying to win a Wii for her children — and she lost her life in much more bizarre circumstances than the retail madness we witnessed in late November. 28-year-old Jennifer Strange of Rancho Cardova, CA was found dead inside her home on Friday afternoon after competing in a radio station-sponsored competition which pitted hopefuls against one another for the prize of Nintendo’s latest and greatest.



January 19, 2007 - Posted by | Blog Review, Tech, Top Comments

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