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The Towel Trick fixes 360’s?

The Towel Trick fixes 360’s? « The Xbox Domain

Well, look what the web 2.0 is dishing out today. From Gizmodo to here on WordPress we have a story about saving your XBOX 360 with a towel.

Now, why does this work? heck, why does anything work after doing something wierd to it.

As usual, the web community can come up with some interesting responces to such a situation. We have about 30+ responces to this piticular subject on the site mentioned above:

aha the three lights…..

My trick works too..take a vacume, make sure it has the hose attachment, and suck at the xbox360’s vent for about 3 minutes. It will never turn off again, well mine didnt.

Comment by Denis S — January 16, 2007 @

The next generation of 360 will have a disclaimer for nerds that put their house on fire thanks to their toweled 360.

Comment by Fabrice France — January 15, 2007 @

My system bricked the other night shortly after getting the new dashboard update. I have a third generation xbox 360 and it has already broke. I can understand that its a complicated piece of hardware to mass produce and can accept that it is totally bricked. I should have got the intercooler. lol

Comment by Alex — January 15, 2007 @

And I guess this is why it works… darned if I know:

THe reason why it works is because some hardware in the 360 has a cold solder. a cold solder is when two peices of metal SHOULD be connected through a solder, but they arent, but when heated up, they expand and connect.

Comment by tomwans — January 15, 2007 @

Isn’t the web a great place? Now you can fix your broken XBOX with a towel. Only in America.


January 16, 2007 - Posted by | Game Consols, Gaming Culture

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  1. Wanted to post a fix that seems to work for me and I have had 90% of the systems with the three red light problem fixed with no problem
    I have noticed that the hot air fix seems to work for a bit but then after awhile its back to the drawing board …….
    so what I have been doing is removeing the GPU heatsink
    and take the main board out of the case ………
    I focus on the gpu and south bridge chip, I use the heat gun to heat up the south chip first bout 15 seconds on low heat in round motion ……I apply steady pressure on the outside of the chip (not the center)now here is where it gets tricky ……..apply more heat from the heat gun and focus on the chip itself……you will see the outside of the chip start to flex (NOT MELTING !)
    remove the heat gun and hold steady pressure on the outside of the chip for about 10 min I use a fan to cool it a little faster
    after its cool reassemble it and try it 3/4 of the time it will work flawless if not back to the drawing board and this time repeat the steps for the GPU …………
    IF you have any questions you can e-mail me at
    If you find this works for you post this on other sites
    so people can save their 360’s !!!

    Comment by bozac | January 22, 2007 | Reply

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